Sunday, February 22, 2009

A God Thing?

I'm beginning to wonder how people with big ole houses have the patience to pack a million boxes. I am literally moving about two miles down the road into my new condo and I must say this is the fifth time in the past few years I have done this same game, yet usually it's much further away than a mile... but, it just seems this time I am trying to get rid of so much and trying to make it flow somehow... and I am going insane! It does make me very happy when I walk into the new place though and create its new life in my mind!

I haven't been very social lately so I don't have too many stories. I was pretty down for a while about my economic well being so I just chose to stay away from the outside world. This weekend was basically spend packing and hanging out with Nick. I actually really enjoyed it.

I get word this week about a new job opportunity. It's such a God thing... I will have to tell the entire story if all comes through. Basically I gave my information to someone I had no idea was at the top of the chain and to add to the God thing I was ten hours away in another state when I ran into my old elementary school Principal who happened to be his mother. I interviewed with Lincoln Property Group last week as a Marketing and Leasing Associate. It's a wonderful company with amazing employees. It feels weird as I just get further and further away from being a reporter. In my mind I'll always be a reporter... but, sometimes I have to slap myself and tell myself I do not want that life. I keep lying to myself saying it made me feel special, but it also would mean never being home for dinner and never being there for holidays... I don't jump until I know I have the position in my hand. It's all up to God... I took a drug test and a background check so pending the results I should have a new chapter to open.

Nick and I went back to the Heights Church today. Mike and his family took us to lunch. It amazed both of us as they just seemed too perfect. Three children, a dog, a church going family... wow... Such wonderful people. I am glad they took us under their wing. Another God thing? I met Mike as he was a potential client at my old job and we met about business. We started talking about churches and here we are today! Nick and I enjoy the church as it isn't hardcore Baptist which scares him... and it is pretty upbeat and the people are nice for me. We aren't tough about religion, but as he was raised Catholic he doesn't like the people that raise their arms and sing to God... and I don't like the memorization and prayers of the Catholics. We want a happy medium.

Well... this week marks Mom's eighth anniversary. It's always hard around this time. I don't think it will ever get easier... because you look back and just see how far you've come, you miss her, you think about her, you think about that horrible time. Eight years ago on a Sunday night I spoke to my mother on AIM Instant Messenger about midterms. We discussed Ethics... and that is the last we spoke. I don't remember the conversation much and I don't remember seeing her last. I do remember that Saturday crying as she hung up on me for the first time ever as we argued about me getting a job. We made up quickly... but, that is why I say it's worthless to have worthless arguing. Thursday I will celebrate as I always do... either with friends or with Nick. As long as I am surrounded by those I love with laughter. She loved laughter and she loved friendship. I may never be the wonderful woman she truly was, but I will somehow keep her legend living as long as I am here and we will always remember her the most on the 26th of February as it forever changed our lives.

I see another box. I need to attack it.


Di said...

Friend, You are an amazing women and your mom is definitely looking down on you and feeling very proud. and YaY! for possible job happenings. Fill me in!

Laura said...

I'll be thinking about you on Thursday, sweetie. Can't believe it's been 8 years. Love you! Let us know about the job--I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!