Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Vacation in Ruidoso

Back to the real world. It's funny that even when escaping into the world of vacation that as it comes to an end your mind wanders to the millions of things left to do in your real world.

We got back from Ruidoso yesterday afternoon after five days of a wonderful vacation. Nick and I made the trip with his parents to stay in their home. They are working on building their dream home to retirement, but we stayed in the home they have for now. We spent most of our time lounging, eating and just enjoying life.

This is Nick saying he hates Valentines Day. So romantic.

I made a big day about Valentines Day, but it is not Nick's favorite holiday. He got me a cute little stuffed dog and some chocolates. His mom cooked a wonderful dinner for all of us that night that included steak and hot wings. After my baking disaster I bought him a big cookie cake, but the airport people threw around my bags so it was pretty broken up... Man, I am not good with presentation... Oh well, it tasted yummy!!!

We went hiking at Bonita Park. Some parts were too snowy, but we found big walking sticks and had fun with it! On the way back we stopped at this beautiful lake and enjoyed the view. I wish I had enjoyed more of the view. I feel like I didn't have enough time with God. I didn't take the time to truly enjoy His sculptures.

Nick and I got up early Saturday and made our way up the mountain to ski. It was such a beautiful day. He is a much better skiier than me so he skiied with me for a bit then I let him go have his fun while I chilled at the rest areas and called old friends to chat! At one point he got me to ski a black diamond and I missed my footing and went down face first! It was rather hilarious as I slid down the mountain!!! I am proud to say I was able to ski a lot of the blacks and Capitan!!! I am a very cautious skiier due to my torn ACLs, but I had a lot of fun. My favorite part was the ski lifts when we just talked and enjoyed the mountain air.

We went out for a nice dinner on Sunday after skiing where I ran into my elementary and junior high principal, Jean Broughton! How random!!! It was so wonderful to see her... As we spoke she introduced me to her son who is Vice President at Lincoln Property Group here and wants to interview me for a job! Whoa... small world.... or A God Thing?!! It was just so great to reconnect with her. I also saw my old boss from KTAB, Rick Tomlin on the mountain!!!

Kerkyn said he missed me. When I am gone for a few days he sleeps on my head. I guess he thinks this means I will not leave him again.


Allison and Justin said...
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Allison and Justin said...

I'm jealous, I want a vacation. You look great on the slopes. I always look a little scary...runny nose, wind blown hair, chapped lips, red cheeks...Yikes.