Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A God Day

Sometimes God stands right in front of us and we actually see Him.

Today was my day off so Nick decided we were going bike riding. We met at a park and got on our ghetto bikes. He has a cool bike and I was borrowing one from his mom. Not the best, but it works!!! We rode down to White Rock Lake. It was so beautiful. The lake was so peaceful as we watched the waves sit as the ducks glided over them. We rode over to a dock and sat out on it for quite a while. I stared at the beauty. The wind was a bit high today, but the sunshine felt great on my shoulders. There were so many people out enjoying the spring day. The thought did cross my mind wondering why the heck all of these people weren't at work though! The sky was perfect and all of the trees seemed to smile. I was just in awe. In the middle of the bustling city sat a quiet haven of comfort and sunshine.

Later I met Jana and Brittney at Ra's Sushi at the Legacy shops... I don't think I have seen Brittney since college. She is so sweet and so much fun. Jana has always introduced me to the most wonderful people. I am horrible with chopsticks so the girls gave me a crash course and I actually used them!!! We had some wonderful tuna rolls and other types of sushi. We talked for a few hours and just enjoyed our time together. One thing that made me smile is Brittney was asking about Nick and Jana said that in this day and age she is so surprised we women can actually find that nice of a guy to call our own. What a compliment! Brittney spent the last year in Korea and is finally back here for a while so we will all stir up some trouble this summer I am sure! They say they are going to pull me by my teeth and make me have fun!

Well, I must speak about Granny Jac. Today two years ago we lost Jackie Adams to a heart attack. It was a blessing as it was truly God's timing for many reasons, but she is still such an inspiration to me. She raised my Dad who is a stellar man and she never stopped living for a minute. She was always going and going. She loved church and she knew God very well. She loved me more than anything in her world... besides Dad! She gave me the shopping gene and she gave me the crazy cooking gene as well! She was such a beautiful woman... She lost her mother at the young age of sixteen and raised her brother and sister along with her dad and grandparents. Every time we spoke she told me how special I was to her. She always told me to work hard and never give up in life. She told me that though she was over 80 that she could outwork just about anyone younger than her. She mowed her lawn almost every day and she vacuumed just the same. She loved a clean house... I don't believe I got that gene. Granny Jac was one of the strongest women I have ever known. Here's to you, Jackie!!!

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