Sunday, March 14, 2010

Green Glory

This weekend I felt like I was both in college and very old all at the same time.

Friday night we had such a fun, yet strange experience. We all met up for Kelsey's 21st birthday party. It's a weird traingle of who knows who here. Kelsey is marrying Matt's best friend, Blake. Matt is marrying my sorority sister, Keilly who is Kelsey's sister. Matt is Nick's best friend. Does that make sense?! Matt met Keilly through my Facebook then introduced Kelsey to Blake one weekend. So did I set all of these people up in some weird way?!! Blake had us all surprise Kelsey at Fedora in Downtown Dallas. Nick and I decided not to go with the group in the limo because I'm old and don't stay out until 2 AM... So everything on the menu is over $20 pretty much... Nick decided to get him a goat cheese and chicken pizza and I thought it was just too late to eat at 9 PM... Kelsey and Blake's parents got us bottles of wine and champagne so I figured that was enough... When the bill comes to my table which sat ten people it totaled $750... umm... So the waiter says it's cool if we all just split it. WHAT?!!! Nick had a pizza and a beer... that doesn't equal his part... He was about to fall over when Keilly, who is very outspoken, told the waiter we weren't cool with that. She and Matt both ordered the steaks... while Nick and I had a measly pizza and the oldest Shelton sister and her husband ordered two $100 bottles of wine!! Finally we all got out only paying for our food and somehow each got a portion of the appetizer plates we thought were free! Overall, it was wonderful food and service. We got to get all dressed up and surprise Kelsey. I didn't take any pictures, but I hope someone has them... It was a night to remember!

We joined the crowds on Greenville for St. Patrick's Day festivities and it was so much fun. We met Andrea, Jana and Ian at The Village and thought we'd be fine if we walked... Yes... after a mile there and then another mile trying to find Jana's friends... OUCH. The sun was actually out and it felt so great on my bare shoulders! The parade was really neat and we had a good time just hanging out and watching other people. It was like Spring Break in those parking lots... I don't drink beer, but there were people doing keg stands and playing beer pong. I felt like I was in college again. For a second. Then I felt really old because I thought they were ridiculous. We made our way down the street to Desperados for some good Mexican food. We had a really nice time even though we were fading at this point. The sun was going to our heads. We wanted to meet other friends in Lower Greenville, but Nick and were so beat and we were going to his parents' house for dinner so we decided to join Ian in the treacherous walk back while Jana, Andrea and her boyfriend all got a taxi. I don't know how we walked the two miles home. My feet were falling off because I was wearing sandals and it seemed soooo long. I'm so glad we went though. I hate feeling like I am not in college anymore... Even in college I didn't like some of that stuff... Old soul yet again. I had the best time just hanging out. I don't have to be entertained at the parade. Jana and Andrea are two of my very best friends so that's all I really need in those situations! It was so neat to see so many people come together to watch a parade and have fun in their green glory.

I fell asleep at 10:30 PM last night on a Saturday night. I'm a wild one. But, I played hard all day so it's okay. Nick still had me raking leaves today and washing my car! That boy never relaxes... and really, neither do I! Here comes Spring!!!


Paige said...

That looks fun. I've never made it out to the parade because I'm always afraid it will be a drunk fest and that kind of stuff gets on my nerves so bad. So yes, I feel old with you.

Anonymous said...

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