Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The New Decade of Children

I honestly cannot figure out how anyone over the age of ten has lived this long. Tonight Hayley and I went to Buy Buy Baby to look for the hostess gift for Chandra's shower. First off this store is ridiculously huge. I was in awe just staring at all of the teethers that line the wall. The clothes are so adorable that I want to buy Baby Landry a million things already that she will grow out of in a month. We made our way to the strollers and there are a trillion different kinds. The nice man showed us around and undid the outside so we could see the special padding in all of them. Huh... special padding? I sure didn't have that! One is to have a walking stroller for the mall, a regular huge stroller for everything and maybe one to jog the kid around in as well. Ummm... I remember pictures of me in my pretty little blue stroller happy as a lark without padding surrounding my head! I don't know if I can ever have kids after being in this store with so many choices. I would be paranoid already and then on top of it homeless from buying out the store!

Ahhh back to my little happy life... Poor little Neimyn, Nixyn, Hilton, Arden, Andyn... ahhh whatever my child's name is... just doesn't have a chance! I'm just ready for St. Patrick's festivities this weekend so I can see everyone downtown and enjoy the fun times!

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