Sunday, March 28, 2010


I'm beginning to wonder if it's ever going to get warm, but I'm just smiling that atleast I see sunshine.

I never want the weekends to end. I just want to play all day. Saturday morning I ventured out into the realm of crowds because Nick's mom wanted me to pick up Granny some bedding at Stein Mart. Yes... the 12 hour sale is like Black Friday... only better! I raced to two different Stein Marts to find her this particular bedding set and then wait in line for twenty minutes to get her a $30 comforter set - it is worth it because it was the best cost for a beautiful comforted set!!! I didn't get to shop for me an Easter outfit yet. I love Stein Mart for Easter... they have cool colors and I love their shirts! I left to meet Donna and Chrissy at the mall for some shopping!!! Girl time!!! We had a really nice time and hit up some great sales. The boys were back at the house working on their new boat like they had just gotten the best gift at Christmas. They were so proud. We all met up at Nick's later for a BBQ and to just enjoy the night. We had a really great time just hanging out.

Today after church I met my cousins, Nolan and Bryce at an Indian restaurant. I was looking at all of us and just smiled to myself. We are beyond different, yet we are blood. Our grandfathers are brothers and their dad (who passed away ten years ago from cancer) looked a lot like me and my Dad. Grandaddy and O.R. were very close as I remember as well. Bryce is a few years younger than me and graduated from Yale. He is now working with politics in Austin and loves to travel overseas to places like India and Korea to just study and hang out with the culture. He is very Democratic and liberal. Nolan is 21 and has lived the life of an old man with all of his stories. He has long, curly hair and a lip ring with punk rock clothing. He has been to alternative schools and tried to rebel, but at heart he is a sweet kid who really isn't bad at all. He's in college and just bought his own house and has two cats. I try to tell him he isn't a punk rocker like he wants us to think... I see through him. He's a good guy at heart, but he loves the attention. The brothers are night and day, but they still get along... because we're family! I had a good time talking to Bryce about his recent trip to Korea. I like to hear about all of the different cultures and such. He said over there they serve horse and it is very expensive. Some restaurants even serve dog though it is illegal. Bryce is a vegetarian... I don't know why... I think it's all the trips he takes and sees what people eat. We lost our parents in the same year so I have respect for these boys/men as they were so young. It's been interesting to see them make decisions as they have grown up. Their mother fully stands behind them at all times. I've even watched our family as Nolan made a few bad decisions... they stood behind him knowing he would grow out of it. I love families because we are all mixed together in the same blood or the same brood, yet many times we are so very different. Different doesn't mean you love any less. It's one of those things that only God can explain.

As I sat listening to the sermon today about a mustard seed growing to be a tree... I thought about my recent post about God working in my life. I thought of some more things I would like to work on and want to speak to God about... then I thought about something else I want to talk to God about in life itself... and then I began to worry it might be too much. When is it too much for God? Should I talk to Him about it all at once? Is it like boom boom boom... like, okay, let's work on Julie's positivity. Now her selfishness. Now her pride... Is that how it is? Or is it working every day and maybe I don't know? I mean, I've been a Christian for most of my life and I'm still not "perfect" ... so, does God just always work and mold? It's just a scary thought because what about those times when I feel far away from God? Is He working then? I think so? Right now I am trying to live my best life. I just try to be a good person and I try not to be selfish and I try to be positive and I try to be faithful and I try to be humble... man, it's hard to remember all I need to try to do each day... :)...

Now it's back to laundry. I bought a new white skirt and accidentally turned it pink tonight. After two soakings and washings in bleach I am going to check it again... I'll never be Donna Reed... that's for sure!!!

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Michelle said...

Great post Julie. A couple of Tuesdays ago (maybe even last Tues.), Beth Moore said something along the lines of what your questioning. I don't recall her exact words, but it was something like this: God reveals to you what you need to work on when you need to work on it. The closer you are to God in your walk, the more He reveals to you to improve on. Ultimate goal: A woman after God's own heart. Gotta love Beth! :)