Thursday, July 24, 2008

Almost Friday!

I love the fact this blog list is growing. Just yesterday Lindsey & Brian started a blog... makes me very happy! They give me inspiration. They were friends for years... then began dating and within WEEKS were engaged! God really worked through them. Now-- I've been dating Nick since March, but ummm I sure am not ready to get engaged! We have a long road ahead to build a strong and lasting relationship. I joke about marriage all of the time with my crazy bridesmaid list, but actually walking down the aisle will remain a figment of my imagination for a few years! That said... I wouldn't date a man I would never consider marrying either.

The week has gotten a lot better since Monday. It was very emotional a while there as we mourned the loss of Nick's grandfather. He says he had a dream his grandfather told him not to be sad. My gosh, I have been wanting that dream for seven years!

I have hugged my mother in dreams, but it is no consolation. It warms my heart to see him smiling once again. The hard road is not finished, but atleast he feels a bit of peace. His parents come back from vacation this weekend so I hope we can be there for them awaiting with a big hug. They make me smile - These are the faces I like to see...

Dad and Brenda are going on their cruise next week. I hope they outrun the hurricane! I am insanely jealous they get to bask in the rays. They deserve it after their year though. Losing Granny Jac so suddenly and thrusting Dad into this ocean of dealing with the house, the car, the investments then getting his teeth ripped out and replaced by his beautiful new grill and both of them watching Alyssa and the kids up and move far far far North... they need a vacation. This will be the first time I will go five days without any communication with Dad. I'm already praying for my sanity... needless to say.

Chandra is in town doing all of her preparations for her wedding. I've been working so hard on the website for them, but it isn't put together yet. It becomes difficult when both have eight people on their side. Trying to get pictures is a hassle. No worries though... I have pictures from when Chandra and I were six years old ;)...

I believe Nick is bringing me my huge television tonight. Matt is giving me his 50 inch television FOR FREE!!! The boys always make fun of my little 19 inch television. Hey, it works for me! It's so huge though that it make take a few of us to bring it up the stairs! Soooo excited!

Next weekend we go float the river. I've never been! There are like 25 of us! We are going through San Antonio on the way back so I can go to Tiffany's baby shower and Nick and Tony can go visit Tony's sister. I'm so excited to see her. She and JC will make such amazing parents to baby Hailey Josephine.

That reminds me... Today Heddy is having Baby Girl Langston. Here is her big sister Baby Girl Harper when she was only a few months old... Wow... It amazes me out of my high school friends Heddy is the one with the cute little family life. She's so blessed.

I'm just so ready for the weekend. I want to bask in the sun and just hang out. We aren't getting to go to Dayme's wedding. It's in Lubbock and with all of the craziness following Nick's grandfather's passing I just figure it's best we stay here this weekend. We have a wedding in two weeks... yes, and Nick makes fun of my Baptist weddings and then after that he is taking me to like FOUR weddings. Oh dear... new dresses galore! Feeding my shopping obsession. Check out all my wedding obsession fun the past few years...

God bless.


lottery said...

Such a nice blog. I hope you will create another post like this.

Pleasant Drive said...

Thanks for your sweet words about Brian and I. You're right. We had the church booked in our third week of dating, and we were married withing 6 1/2 months. That's the way to do it. When you know, you know.