Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome to my world

I'm obsessed with writing. I'm also obsessed with communication. I figure this will be a good way to communicate and enjoy life on a daily basis.

I am astounded by how many people are making blogs... most of them are doing this because they are now having children. I am nowhere near having children. I can barely contain my cat! I kill plants and I forget about food for weeks on end letting it rot in my fridge. I just think it's fun to read about their little ones and live vicariously through their families!

I may be working in Marketing, but my head is never far from the light of my own spotlight. I still do pieces here and there for movies and television... mind you, it will probably never make the big screen! I do enjoy that rush of energy though. I don't know if I will ever go back into television news. I don't miss the pay or the crazy hours, but I sure do miss the people. For now I enjoy living in Dallas and love the opportunities. I have signed on to write a monthly article in Midland Monthly so my articles about entertainment will be published in the magazine... I have been working with a local agent regarding some small movie roles. Who knows what will happen. I do miss my family... that is the hardest part about being here. I have many friends, but each has their own life. It's almost like feeling alone in a crowded room at times. It's like that for everyone at times.

I've been dating Nick for a few months now. He met my family a few weeks ago... poor guy. His family is so much fun. It's all in God's hands so I try not to control it. I'm learning so much about myself. Relationships are tough stuff. I hate the emotional walls I have created over the years because it's so easy to play on the surface level, but once people try to climb over the wall I shut down. It's very hard. I guess it's better to have loved and lost though... only time will tell and God is always quilting my life. I need to remember this...

I wonder while I read other blogs about their lives. It seems really neat. My life truly consists on a daily basis of work, watch some television or do some laundry, go work out, go hang out to socialize either over at Nick's or a friend's or out to dinner with someone, shower, sleep... I don't covet another life, but I think it'd be really neat to have the life my parents had or the life many of my friends have... the pictures may seem so fun, but it sure would be a blessing to be the one absorbed in a small family life. Maybe most little girls dream of that life one day. I just remember being the little girl in the perfect little family enjoying each and every day with friends. I do enjoy each and every day with my friends and my family, but I also know one day my world will be very different... and maybe then I will realize both lives are a blessing... part of God's quilting.

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