Friday, July 11, 2008

Yay for the weekend!

I lived in a man's world last night. It's not unusual for me to be the only girl when we are with Nick's friends. It's weird as growing up Cody was my best guy friend and that was pretty easy for me, but I'm such a girly girl that it was very hard for me to have a lot of guy friends. So Nick wanted me to meet his childhood best friend. Erichson came over and we all sat on the back porch. One of these man outings always includes MEAT. I don't really like meat, but these boys love to grill. So I actually let myself have a bratwurst! Geoff, Tony, Nick and Erichson went about their usual conversations like I was one of the guys and I just laughed to myself. Our woman conversations are nothing like this! I laugh at how they view women and how we think. I know we are insane though... this I know!!! They talk about video games, sports, food and women. Oh... dogs, too. It's so interesting... They told me a couple of times to put on my earmuffs.

Jessica's grandmother is dying and it's been interesting to hear her tell me updated stories each day. I told her yesterday she is so "lucky" to get to sit in that room with her grandmother and just talk in her final moments. I got that with Grandaddy, but I was ten years old. I didn't have that with Mom or Granny Jac. So many unspoken thoughts. She says that Abuelita keeps talking about her deceased husband being in the room. Part of me wants to think she is just plain insane that the pain meds are messing with her mind, but part of me actually believes it. It's weird to be there for someone in this time. I actually just make it light hearted and even joke about it. She knows how I really feel. It's weird... when Jessica's grandfather died when we were in high school I faded away because I was scared to death of what to say. Now that I have been through it all it makes it so much easier for me to be there. I realize it is not at all about the words in the air.

My stepbrother and his family and my niece are going to visit Dad and Brenda this weekend. It would be so wonderful to get to go, but that's okay because I'll hopefully go "home" in a couple of weeks. It is just impossible to get us all together. I'd love to see Rylie as I missed her second birthday, but getting to West Texas is tough in such short notice. We are all going to Addison tonight for Leslie's birthday. I think it'll be a blast. I never drink much as I just don't enjoy the feeling... so last weekend on the boat my good friend, Jana, said, "God forbid you drink on a boat with your best friends on the weekend." I was like... hmmm... Why am I so guarded that I cannot even let go for a little bit on a boat with good friends? Yep, as Nick said this week... "I want you to let your hair down - literally and figuratively." So far this boy has made me look at people in the eyes, be sweet and not sarcastic, try to live in the moment and watch what I say... maybe he isn't so bad after all!

We are also supposed to help Matt move tomorrow. What can small women move? I think I'll lay by the pool until they truly need my expertise.

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