Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Excitement Overload

My mind is so cloudy right now. Lots going on at work. My Dad is getting fake teeth today. It's Brenda's birthday. I am going home this weekend. And... now... Nick called to tell me his grandfather has congestive heart failure. We all feel totally helpless and I just wish I could take away the pain. There is no way I can predict if he will live and I know how much Nick loves him. It is insane that in the past six months I have received four phone calls about grandparents' deaths... one of them being my own grandmother. I wish I could fly to Houston right now to be there for the entire Gray family. All I can do is pray. That's all any of us can do.

I want to have a lighter note now. We had an amazing weekend. Friday was a lot of fun for Leslie's birthday. We went out in Addison and just enjoyed the entire night. Saturday was legendary for me. I grew up on weekends going with my family to the Stewart household and just playing with Quintinn and Stephanie while the parents watched movies or played cards. We all were helping Matt move into his new house... there were about twelve of us. We were dressed in athletic clothes and vegged out. As the night progressed more people came over and we were just hanging out. I love that so much more than going out to the bar. It was how I was raised. I called Stephanie to tell her about it just because I was nostalgic! We had the best conversations and laughed until we couldn't breathe.

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