Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Weekend in my World

Welcome to my world. It is always insane here and I love every minute of it.

Friday night we created a night of crazy memories. We started at Ashton's apartment getting ready to attend Shanna's birthday party. Geoff, Nick, Ashton and I were going to go together... His apartment is ridiculously nice! We went down to the O Hangout Area... the entire area was amazing... crazy colors and beautifully decorated complete with a pool table, big screens and various rooms... There is a yoga room, tanning room and my favorite - AquaMassage! I tried it, but after seven minutes I was getting antsy. Needless to say... I do not relax very well!!! Upon leaving I didn't want to go to this birthday party anyway because I knew it wasn't my type of place. Maybe I just am not the typical Dallas girl that enjoys places like Wish and Suite and Sting... sorry... I'm proud of it. So we all get in an argument because I have to take my car when I am the one who does not want to go in the first place. Being a brat I made them put gas in the tank because my gas light was on and by gosh, I am not going to pay for gas when I do not want to even go!!! By the way... though I didn't want to go... I decided since Shanna came to my party and the boys are good friends with her I would go... we make sacrifices for our loved ones... We arrived at Wish in Uptown, but it just wasn't our scenery... Maybe I am eighty years old, but loud music and dancing has never been my thing. We said our hellos and chatted for a bit... we met Andrea and her new boyfriend, Steve up there. So the guys with Andrea and Steve say they know a lowkey place where we will enjoy ourselves... We all travel Uptown and arrive at this hole in the wall. I thought we might get shot... So we went in and were scared out of our minds. I didn't really care because I can talk to a fence post, but it was so bad that we were all laughing. So we walked across the street to this place that had old school arcade games and a huge Jenga game... finally!!! The boys all played while Andrea and I got a chance to catch up and just talk. We laugh at it all now. We wonder why we ever agreed to go in the first place... but, it is a funny night to remember!

Yesterday Nick wanted to work on his yard and I happily obliged... happily... sort of! But, it became a really fun thing. He had planted a new rose bush and flowers so it already looked great. He and Tony raked and worked on soil while I ... MOWED!!! I really do enjoy mowing. I was laughing at myself because Granny Jac sometimes mowed three times a day... okay, later in life she just forgot she had already mowed... but before then she still would do it once a day!!! It is therapeutic to us, I believe!!! I remember when Mom would make me mow in high school... I liked it!!! I think she liked mowing, too!!! Nick was proud of my skills... he was not proud when hours later I went outside to visit with Chandra on the phone forgetting his deck was wet where he repainted parts of it though... oops... I watched "Twilight" last night with Tony and I really liked it! Nick refused to watch it and kept up his yardwork! I didn't think I would like the movie, but it was actually really good.

So this morning I went to church at The Heights and enjoyed it. I wasn't going to go because I didn't think I would like the message about how we put God in our mirror... but I felt like God wanted me to go. I felt like the preacher was talking to me. So much of how we frame God... we want God to be our little puppet... We want Him to do this or that right now. We see Him in our mirror as this policeman or this grandfather... and we expect Him to follow our image. Nick and I were talking last night about how I have no idea why God won't give him what he needs right now. I remember making the comment that I just wasn't inside God's head to understand... Yes, I have yelled and said, Come on, this is enough, make someone give Nick a chance to join their team at work because the company he runs just isn't enough income... I don't know His answer. Patience? Nick says I don't understand because I haven't had to wait for jobs for long... I don't see it that way... I waited five months out of college.... I waited three months after CBS 19... I waited a month after this last one after suffering for over a year in something I hated because I knew it was God's plan. It was just a different sort of suffering... We are all allowed to be angry with God... Be angry that the image isn't what we want... as long as we don't turn around and leave.... I explained that I might understand God took my mother eight years ago, but I am still a little angry. It's just so hard to explain to someone when they feel God is just ignoring them that God is actually there. I have felt it so many times, but I just kept crying out and standing there waiting... I guess that is what we are all doing in different ways for different things.

Okay... I have talked too much as usual. I am going to meet Andrea and Kathryn to play in Kat's closet. She likes to give us her clothes like we are a consignment shop... and the girl knows how to shop!!!

Another weekend in my little world. I love it.

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Pleasant Drive said...

I'm right there with ya. I HATE loud music and dancing