Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flip Flops & T Shirts?

My psyche tells me it is Spring. So I am now in the mode of wearing flip flops and t-shirts on the weekends. Tonight at midnight it is going to freeze again. God has a sense of humor.

If He plays too much havoc with my green St. Patricks Day weekend plans we may have to have a talk.

The week at my new job has been amazing. I enjoy it and I enjoy all of the people. The first day is always the hardest and learning the ropes never gets too easy. Do you know what I equate it to? No one would ever believe me... but basketball camp. I spent eight years of my life at those camps so I am not insane when I make this connection. When I started both times at my news stations and at my marketing job last year... basketball camp was only a week. The first one or two days everyone sort of knew one another, but no one really dove in until about the third day. By that day I was surrounded by friends and having a ball. There was never a time I left for home without a new lifelong friend. This company is huge with so many other "campers" ... but, the clients and the new world as a whole can be my camper friends. I learn the ropes just like I learned those ball handling drills. I won a ball handling contest at one of those camps so there is proof I know what I am doing. Thank God my parents sent me to camp beginning in fourth grade or I just wouldn't understand the corporate world today.

Dad and Brenda are back from Santa Fe. Dad says the bronze eagle that ripped open my eye is no longer there. Gosh, that is how much power I have... He hurt me so they had to take him down ... yes, it's true. I bet it doesn't even matter that the store owners told me the eagle wing had actually made some people have to get stitches when they bumped into its hard edge. I love to hear the liveliness in Dad's voice when he talks of a good time. He really enjoys the mountains. He seemed very excited. I would have loved to go be with them, Brenda's brothers and her nieces. Those little girls are adorable. I get a kick out of Katelyn who is ten... she has a cell phone and I'll text her or call her to make her feel special. I am a bit of a dork and actually watched the new episode of "Hannah Montana" Sunday night... Yes, I did... I texted her to tell her it was on. I wanted to make her feel special and let her know you never have to truly grow up. Hey, I watched "Desperate Housewives" later that night. What a nice balance of morals I have ;)!

It's time for bed. When I awake I hear it is going to be cold. Our training is in a room next to the pool. Mirrors surround the pool, but people have no idea those mirrors are actually windows. Darn, I guess they won't be entertaining me in the frigid weather tomorrow. God may have His sense of humor, but He must know since I am fearfully and wonderfully made by Him that I'm stubborn enough to still wear flip flops and t-shirts this weekend no matter His choice of weather.

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