Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to Reality

I finally sit down to write almost a week later. As one can tell February 26 seemed to throw my life upside down once again. Since then it has been a bit of a whirlwind. We got everything moved into my apartment last Friday. It was a very long day... needless to say. I then left Saturday for the funeral in Brownwood. I came back the next day and Nick and I hit the apartment hard trying to organize it. I am finishing up the last pieces tonight, but it is not yet perfect.

I do love the new place. I feel very spoiled. Everything is so new and modern. I am just in love with it. I cannot wait until the weather warms up and I can sit on my patio! I have until Monday when I begin my new job so I am trying to get everything done!

The weekend was a bit tough for our entire family. It seemed everyone came in for Judith's funeral. We all met at the funeral home and were greeted by many people. I tried to just make everyone laugh and talk to everyone. If we get down to the nitty gritty Caly and I were both nineteen when we lost on mothers on the same day. Our mothers were teachers. Our mothers were Christians. Their funerals were held on the same day. She handled things a lot like me. Caly is a very strong young woman and I do feel she will do well through all of this. This isn't about me though at all... this loss was so important for our family. Judith was a very strong piece of the glue that holds us together.

One thing I did learn while the weekend progressed was the passion of my family. I know I talk endlessly about the specialness of the Adams clan, but I truly saw it this weekend. We are from all areas, we all live different lives, yet we come together and we are the same cloth. Everyone is so caring and giving. There was so much love throughout the room that I could barely stand it. I saw so many faces I hadn't seen in years. People that didn't come to family reunions. I connected with cousins I had only heard of... never seen. People also dont' seem to realize by cousins I mean extended family. I am th eonly child, grandchild and niece. It is hard for me to understand there is a distinction of the term "cousin." To me it means everyone in my extended family.

They did open the casket and I walked up there with D'Layna. I took one look and then walked away. I do not like that picture, but I did find it important to our closure. I looked around the room to see wives of their husbands holding their faces in their hands. I saw men with tears running down their faces.

They told us stories that Judith would keep Bibles in her desk at school. If anyone showed an interest she would hand them a Bible. I found that to be such a testimony in today's world. I stood at the graveside service encircled with family. I peered outside of our little area to the many faces of friends and students. I saw one girl with bright red and black hair. She must be an outsider at school... but, she had tears streaming down her face the entire time. I had to smile knowing Judith touched her life. She had touched so many of their lives. What a testimony.

We all left and held one another a little tighter.

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