Sunday, March 8, 2009


The pages never stop turning. Sometimes this is a good thing in life. Sometimes the characters stay the same, but the rest changes.

I had a lovely weekend and diving back into the real world seems only fitting. Friday night Nick's parents, his brother, Justin's girlfriend, Ashton and Geoff and Nick all came over to enjoy the new place. We had a great time. His parents are beyond excited about the new condo. The boys sat on the patio most of the night enjoying the springish air. I hope we can have many more nights like that one. Last night I didn't do much. I hung out with Kristen for a while catching up then went to Nick's to watch TV. Yes, I missed two weddings and a birthday. I feel bad, but on the other hand I just wanted to rest.

Nick and I went back to The Heights today for church. I forgot my Bible... yes, who does that at church, but I had a handful of things and just didn't get it... so I borrowed Mike's as we sat there. As I flipped to the glossary to find what God says about "eye for an eye"... that's a topic that I can only say at this time I am having to learn and trying tirelessly to forgive someone I cannot understand how God can even call His child... but, anyway, I found one sentence scribbled in the back. It said something to the effect of, "We are held hostage by what we choose." I guess I always say this in another term when I speak about we define ourselves by what we choose. We don't let ourselves fly because we are held up by this or that occurrence or title in our life. It hit me hard as I knew what it meant exactly. I try to never let myself be held hostage or titled by certain things about my life. I lost my mother at a young age. I tore up my knee crushing my lifetime of basketball as a senior in high school. I have high levels of anxiety. A boy broke my heart into a million pieces. Those types of paralyzing things that cause me to be a hostage. As a person I must rise above things that hurt me and things that change my life in a negative light and just face it. Just choose to rise above it. I see it every day. I see it in physical limitations in people and I see it in mental limitations of others. Nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams. Nothing can hold us back. Maybe dreams change... maybe they mature... but, nothing can stop one from being successful... but ourselves.
A new chapter begins tomorrow. New opportunities and a new life lay ahead. Not a new life with new people, but new friends, new colleagues, new money, new words to be written upon the pages.


Paige said...

Cute condo!!!!

Di said...

The pictures are great! and Friend I am so proud of you. You grow more and more everyday and that excites me. I am so glad that you are learning to fight so much of your anger!!!!! LY

Pleasant Drive said...

Beautiful new place! New place=new beginnings. His mercies are new every morning!

Kelly and Andrew said...

cute place!!!! way to go!