Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patricks Weekend

The weather makes me think it is already time for bed.

It's been a cold, yet fun weekend. Thursday night after work Nick told me we were going to eat at an Italian restaurant someone referred to him. On my way home from work he called to say he was in traffic and I am going, Hurry up, I'm hungry! So I get home and notice my light is on. I slap myself on the hand for leaving a light on all day. As I open the door I see Nick in my kitchen with the food already on the table! He said, "Welcome to your Italian restaurant." He had a glass of wine sitting there along with salad and special spaghetti. I say special because he knows I like spicy cuisine and it was beyond spicy. In the background in true Nick fashion a basketball game is on the TV. It was one of the nicest things someone has ever done for me. So simple, yet so sweet. Remind me of this when I question his lack of sweet antics! He hates to go overboard. He believes in being sweet on random occasions so you don't begin to expect it. What a perfect dinner!

Well, as I said before God just didn't have sunshine in mind for St. Patricks Day on Greenville. Everyone that was going with us began to jump out of the boat. So it ended up Nick and I just went by ourselves to meet people! It was frigid outside. My toes and fingers were about to fall off. The world likes to text and see where you are... ouch... my fingers didn't work. We watched the parade and laughed at the wild and insane people. Then we met Andrea and some of her friends at the Village Country Club. It was so much fun. They had a great DJ so we were all dancing and just enjoying ourselves. My friend, Missy and Nick and I's friend, Shanna were on Greenville begging us to come out so we left... but, lack of parking and the weather forced us to just leave. We decided it just wasn't worth it! So we ended up at Nick's parents house vegging out for a bit. I do wish it had been warmer, but it was a very funny memory to think we braved the weather just to watch a parade. I've watched St. Pattys Day parades in New York and Hawaii. I think in New York that day it was actually snowing. In Hawaii I remember just being content in the warmth!

Today the weather is still cold. I'm wrapped in a few blankets and about to go workout. I like being back on a normal schedule. Work... workout... sleep. Wow. I am really enjoying work and my co-workers are a blast. It's neat to get to know people. It's hard being the new girl learning everything as always, but so far it is beyond surreal and amazing. Nick says God worked in my favor. He needs to remember I have been praying about this for over a year now. It isn't like God worked in MY time.

Tonight we are having Justin's birthday dinner at the Gray household. They always have great food. Man, if my family lived nearby I'd be bugging them all of the time. I hope the sun shines soon. I need some Vitamin D.

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