Friday, March 6, 2009

Current Events

My thoughts on current events...

Octomom is insane.

The economy is insane.

I'm not sure who it is... but someone on The Bachelor is insane. I have been on a reality show... yes, it got cut after two episodes, but I was there for production! Everything is pretty much planned... especially if you are a hit on ABC. No, I do not believe it was planned that Jason wanted to fall out of love. I don't think he would wish that upon any of them, but going on national television for the reunion to break up with someone is Jerry Springer-ish. ABC knew that would get the ratings. Of course, put it on the big screen. One girl got dumped... and even though she knew it was coming... she probably wondered why the heck they would do that to her. Hey, she's happy now with another man so case closed. But, these reality shows are getting out of hand. My cousin is a bull rider and he had crews following him around 24/7... but, it was a documentary so every part of it was REAL. There was no drama that was handed to them... I was told many things to say and do on my day of filming for our reality show. What I said was not rehearsed, but the settings were. It makes for good TV... it really does, but these are real people getting smushed. Atleast Jerry Springer contains really bad actors.

I read the details of Rihanna versus Chris Brown. Whoa. So I was not in that car with them... but whoa... He beat her to a pulp. If Nick ever smashed my head into the windshield I would take him down. This is a case of classic abuse. Women take it because we think we are in love and we justify it. She is justifying his actions by stating in her mind that she deserved it and somehow she was wrong. A man should never hit a woman. You know what... no one should hit anyone... What does it solve? He beat her very badly and could have killed her. This happens every day to someone we know. This was actually two public figures, but it happens each day. We are strong women in this world. This is a case where a man used his physical strength to overpower our mental strength. Yes, he won... but, in the end he will lose his career and his future because there is just not way to justify those actions.

I guess I need to live in my own little world now. I'm missing two weddings this weekend. And a friend's birthday. But, I need to rest before I get back to normal life next week. I'm having Nick's family and some of our friends over to inspect the new place.

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