Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Bachelorette Weekend Served Up

I'm gearing up for my weekend. It's a weekend for the books. For a few reasons. Last year on this Saturday I met my boyfriend in person. Last year on this Sunday I got the dreaded phone call my Granny Jac suddenly passed away. Wow what a year makes...

The girls are all gathering for Chandra's bachelorette party at the Gaylord Texan. Some of us have been friends since we were very young. I met my best friend, Chandra at Proffitt Day Care at the age of four. We are going to have dinner and entertain at Glass Cactus. This is one of the most important weddings of my life. I was there for Chandra's first boyfriend, Blake Gee in third grade. Her first serious boyfriend in high school, John Lawdermilk. Oh... do I need to make a list?!! She found her Prince Charming two years ago... and the best thing... growing up we lived ten miles away from his town yet never crossed paths.... not even in college when they were less than ten miles from one another. Proof God works... in His own way.

This picture below is the day I met Nick. I had researched him on Facebook to make sure he was cool enough for me... I had this vision of every single thing I wanted and if a man didn't have that... well, he was out. Keele had people over and Nick and I were both very tired, but we wanted to meet... I remember throwing on clothes not even caring what I looked like! He was so kind... and I remember so tall. He says I was very shy and he decided to give me a second chance, but the fact that I barely looked into his eyes or said more than a sentence didn't give him much promise! I was shy... me... yes... Thanks to Keele she helped open the doors to another realm. Well... thanks to God really... because He only knows with Nick's picky standards that go well beyond picky and my sheer terror of dating that God was the only way to bring these two together.

And... the next day Nick was going to come over just to hang out with me. He said he had already bought flowers. I got the call from Dad around 4:30 PM. "Mom had a heart attack and died." His mom... Granny Jac... I told him I was sorry and it was a blessing in disguise. I then called Nick and told him to come on over, but my grandmother just passed away. He probably thought I had lost my mind and had no heart. He just didn't know that I am a block of ice in strife. He decided it was best not to come over. He waited a day then came over to watch a movie... on the other couch again with me saying less than a few sentences!...

I simply cannot believe years pass by so quickly.