Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

It was a wonderful day to spend Easter. I know right now my mind is just spinning and cannot stop thinking of Sarah's death... It seems surreal and it seems like she is going to call me and ask me why I am telling everyone she is gone... I want it to be a nightmare. I am flying home tomorrow for the funeral and flying back tomorrow night so I don't miss a day of work. I have just been sick about this the past two days. One of my best friends is gone. How do you really ever understand that?

Anyway... this morning Nick and I went to Easter service with his parents, brother and Granny. Then we just enjoyed the day watching the Mavs and Masters. Everyone joined us for dinner and it was just amazing.

This will be funeral number six since last April. Sarah will be buried near my mother. Just a few minutes ago I was looking through one of my prom photo albums and I was wondering where were some more with Sarah in them, where were our group shots and I thought, "I need to call her and yell at her for not being in more of my photos!" Yes... I haven't yet erased her number. Not yet. Ouch ouch ouch. This hurts!!!

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Pleasant Drive said...

so so very sorry, julie.