Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Glass

One glass of wine please.

Oh... it's been a great weekend, but I want a glass of wine.

Friday I made the trip downtown for Andrea's surprise party to Fuse. I don't usually like to fight downtown and park a million miles away and I hate to valet and this and that... let me complain some more... But, it was for Andrea! So we all crammed into this room and jumped out at her! She began to cry! It was just grand! They had free mojitos and sushi so that was yummy. I must say it was an overkill of gay men and I do love gay men because they are so funny. There wasn't enough sushi for me and I was very hungry... let's just say free sushi only comes in the very small handful... so I left and made a trip to Nick's and made him feed me. Sidenote... He didn't go to Andrea's party because it was his dog's fifth birthday. Some people might laugh at him, but he truly loves his dog more than life itself so he spent the night playing with him! Andrea hasn't forgiven him yet!

Raelyn, Kacie, Kathryn, Andrea, Erin, Julie

This week is Nick and I's real one year anniversary. Is Hell freezing over? Today he gave me some freshly cut roses from his yard. Is he dying? I'm looking back and just realizing in one year we have faced what most married couples don't face... the death of four grandparents, I've been to six funerals, we've been to six weddings, a job loss for me, a career change for him, a job gain for me, trips to many places, frustration of both of us never being in a real serious relationship, my selfishness, his impatience, an economy trying to eat us alive, striving to find a church home by attending different places almost every week, two new cars, my new place... my gosh... the list could go on and on. He has changed my life and driven me nuts at the same time... isn't that a man's job? The hardest part with all of those things was keeping God in the middle... and it's always a struggle, but as long as we fight to put God first then things should go smoothly no matter the rough waters.

Diane came in town for a wedding and I've barely been able to see her while she has stayed at my place. Her tiny dog has scared my devil cat under my bed. Kerkyn came out for a few seconds, but once the dog barked he was right back in hiding. I hope he does not starve to death. We are just watching television and chilling out tonight. She made a trip to get me wine. This makes me happy.

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