Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Year

Today I've been with Nick a year. We met at the end of March 2008, but didn't make it official until the end of April. I'm a huge commitment phobe and I do believe he was at one time as well. I was awoken this morning with freshly cut roses from his bushes. I was off today so I helped Nick with a new client of his doing some business, then I cooked a scary looking omelette for Nick filled with green chiles and chicken... hey, it tasted yummy, then we went to Sprint where he surprised me with a new Instinct I-Phone! Then we went to Humperdinks for a nice little dinner. We rented some horrible movie called, "Yes Man." No, man. What a wonderful day.

Dating a year you learn so much about yourself. I know Nick has qualities that drive us insane. They say we marry our fathers. Not that I am getting married soon, but Nick is a lot like my Dad in his ambition to succeed, his faith, his kindness... as well as his impatience and stubborness! I have learned a lot as well to work on myself like spending money, selfishness, Only Child Syndrome, stubborness... we all have our pros and cons. In one year we have been through so much. We have both lost two grandparents each, I've lost a best friend to death, I've lost a job, I've gained a job, He's gained a career almost to lose it to the economy, I've gotten a new car, My Dad has gotten new teeth, We've been to five weddings, We've traveled all over the place and we've tried to find a church home. All of these things are huge things to me. I kept wondering if maybe God was telling me if I didn't leave this kid He would keep striking me... but, a wise woman told me maybe God was showing me if we can face this stuff and make it then we can walk through fire into the sunshine.

These are some of my favorite moments of the past year of just us:

This was one of our first dates. I like how you can just see our innocence.

July 4... I was so sick that I could hardly talk, but we had a blast.

One of the first days by the pool. Cool shades, Nick. He stole those from Diane.

Christmas photo. Shiner doesn't look too excited.

Chandra's wedding. We are pretty much an Easter basket. What a great night!

Is he being sweet?

We were both laughing and caught in the act of laughter. Love it.

Totally going out of my comfort zone to float the river. Best time of the summer.

I like the look in Nick's eyes here.

I dragged him to my family reunion. This just reminds me of the fun we had with my young cousins on the porch.

I had never been to the State Fair.

Dancing... Did I learn to dance this past year at weddings? Ummm no.

I get tired of the Guns Up pose, but it was a true Texas Tech vs. UT game!

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Pleasant Drive said...

Dum. Dum. DuDum. Dum. Dum. DuDum. In case you can't make that out - it's wedding bells :)