Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Love The Sun

Today I remembered how much I love the sun.

I was off today so I took the morning to run errands for Chandra's wedding next weekend... you know, spend a billion dollars for one day for my very best friend! I love weddings! How many have I been in now? Nine?! Then I decided to forego cleaning my own apartment stuffed inside and go help Nick in the yard. I ended up sitting with my feet propped up on the patio furniture just enjoying the sunshine. Gosh... it felt so good. It just makes me smile and makes me want to just hit the day! Nick and Geoff hit some golf balls in the field by their house so I chilled in the sun and just absorbed every amount of Vitamin D possible. Tomorrow I'll be in a Sales meeting. I will just look outside at the sunshine and it'll give me a smile.

So in the next three weeks I will have a new niece and a new nephew. But, Julie, you are an only child... sort of. My stepbrother's wife, Ashley is having their baby girl, Saige Emery in two weeks! She joins Rylie Morgan, my baby girl at age 2. They say from the 3-D sonograms Saige looks like Steven! I am so excited for them! And Stephanie, who is pretty much my sister as we grew up together every holiday and weekend... every holiday still... she and her husband are having their baby boy soon, too. We have thrown around so many names. She won't tell us. She was thinking Trooper or Parker. Stephanie is a severe diabetic and lost her last baby when at six months when she went into a diabetic coma wrecking her car which threw her 25 feet out of the vehicle when she was pregnant... So this baby is a "trooper." Yesss... Auntie Jules reigns again! I'm never having kids... I swear, I just found out last week they don't eat baby food for a few months... formula?... I need a dog first. I cannot keep plants alive.

I'm over at Staci's as she is lowlighting and highlighting my hair to prepare for Chandra's wedding... and life in general! Staci is a genius at hair... It's also almost Easter and I am excited. I am sad I dont' get to spend time with my family, but I will see them next weekend. I am spending it with Nick's family, Granny and our friends that live too far away from home. I am excited for church and a big meal and just a wonderful time. It will be my first time working a weekend... all alone... I am a little scared, but so ready to tackle it and make some good money!!! I love sunshine!!!

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