Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saige Emery Corn

I have a new niece.

You ask how an only child has a niece.

I have tried desperately since I gained a stepbrother and sister in 2005 to make them my immediate family. Thus, I now have Malachi Alan, Aaliyah Nell, Xander Raylon, Rylie Morgan and..... SAIGE EMERY!!!

Saige Corn was born on August 24 around 2 AM! I would post a photo, but newborn babies remind me of salamanders. Maybe after a few months... or maybe I just don't have one except on my phone.

Babies scare me. I worry they will wiggle out of my grasp like garden snakes. They are so small.

Brenda is so excited. I think Dad shares the same fears as me with children so I bet he stayed in the corner and smiled and waved to the new child. He is just ready to shoot some hoops with her... or play tea party like he does with Rylie.

Next up my "sister" throughout my life, Stephanie is having her baby boy. We have toyed with so many names. Right now she likes Conrad Glenn or Ayden Glenn... ummm... I'm all for Trooper or Tucker... we think he will be a red headed fireball so he needs a name to go with his hair! Or he could be bright blonde like Teffy! He's my nephew to me because we grew up in one another's houses every weekend and beyond. I'm so very excited!!! Her first baby boy, Howard Rex passed away while while not yet born during a tragic car accident. God blessed her with another baby boy.

I think for now I'll just stick with my devil cat. Being the corruptive aunt is always just too much fun!

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