Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunny Weekend

The sun went down as I hit my knees begging for another hour in the weekend.

Friday we planned to have the first BBQ of the year. Ashton, Donna, Kristen, Geoff, Nick and I all gathered at the boys' house as the meat was neatly set upon the grill. Geoff left to run to the store and somehow we all went inside chit chatting. Ashton says... "Why is there fire shooting out of your grill?" Yes... Nick did not watch Geoff's meat he had slaved over all day... and it went up in flames. It was hilarious to see them try to "salvage" it. I think they got some ribs and the middle of a piece of chicken out alive. Needless to say we were all still hungry so we made a trek to Blue Goose and made Nick buy us a pitcher of margaritas.

Saturday Nick and I joined his parents for a day at the Sandy Lake Chili Cookoff. It was so much fun. There was music and great ribs! I don't like meat that much, but I don't turn away ribs or bratwurst! We had a blast just walking around and enjoying it.

Give me one of your ribs, Nick. No, Julie, go away.

We then went out to Sneaky Pete's on the lake. It was gorgeous. We walked down by the docks and sat in this chair... I just stared quietly at the lake. Some of the best times of my life have been at the lake. It was just such a perfect day to enjoy the sunshine and have a good chat.

Nick's mom then took me to SteinMart for the twelve hour sale. She bought me Easter gifts... I was just in awe. Friday my boss gave us Easter gifts, too! I am just so blessed and in awe when people are so kind.
This is the duvet cover Dianne bought me... I have a red and khaki one, but this is much more summery!

We got this end table for dirt cheap! It is just perfect!

Today was church so we went to The Heights. Nick doesn't understand a lot about Baptists and I get confused because I never knew another way. I'm not stuck on being Baptist either, but I am stuck on a finding a good church. It was a great talk about the Tug of War between us and the Devil. Perfect love comes from God so I must know when I have negativity it is not from God. It's so hard to always find the good and always be moving forward. Sometimes I just want to disappear when it is a bad day, but I have to remember that is the Devil. I do believe in evil and I just want it away from me. Perfect love... casts out all fear...

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