Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things

This is the obsession going around Facebook right now. It is so fun to read about everyone!

25 things about you...

1. I am obsessed with gum. I think I will get married chewing gum.

2. I was a television reporter and still am at heart. I don't love the news, but I love being on television.

3. I have torn my ACL in my knee TWICE. Reconstructive surgery takes six months of Rehab... I met some of my best friends in Rehab, but I wouldn't recommend it.

4. When I was a Kappa Delta I won awards for Most Spirited, New Member of the Year and Senior of the Year. I never missed a meeting in Kappa Delta. Can you say I am either loyal or obsessive?

5. I have written a novella. 40,000 words. It's called "Souls of Grace" about the loss of a best friend and falling in love. I enjoy reading it.

6. I played basketball for twelve years. I went to basketball camp for ten. Then I tore my ACL as you read above and my career ended...

7. My uncle is a tennis professional in Dallas. He is sponsored by Wilson and gets lots of free things. I like to brag on him, but that's his entire life... tennis...

8. I am the only child, grandchild and niece. Only Child Syndrome?!!

9. I have shot parts in two movies. I have been a co-star on a reality television show called "Anchorwoman." My two movie parts were cut. My reality show bombed after two episodes. I'll still win an Oscar one day!

10. I already have bridesmaids and pallbearers picked out. I update the list each year. Would you like to hear it? Bridesmaids - Chandra McBee (Lifelong BFF), Stephanie Stewart Harrison (Lifelong BFF), Jana Seibold (Sorority Sister), Sarah Cohen (Sorority Sister), Tiffany Nolder Williams (Sorority Sister), Stephanie Brown Tettleton (Sorority Sister), Wendy Walker (Former Co-worker)... Pallbearers... Steven Corn (Stepbrother), Cody Rudio (Lifelong BFF), Blair Nutting (High School BFF), Landon Brush (Cousin), Galen Roberts (Cousin), Bryce Adams (Cousin).

11. Do you want to know why I have pallbearers picked out? Because when they hand you that blank sheet of paper at a funeral meeting it is horrible and shocking... I have experience.... My mother passed away when I was 19 of a heart attack. She was my best friend. It has shaped my life in countless ways and I still think of her and miss her every single day.

12. Also, my mother was a legendary teacher in BSISD and for most of my life all of the older generation knew me as "Mrs. Adams daughter." I take great pride in that title.

13. I got baptized in 1989. God and I have been on an insane journey, but I trust Him and continue to learn from Him each day. My foundation in the church growing up there each Sunday and involved in everything makes me who I am today.

14. I have been with Nick Gray since April 2008 and I love each day of having him in my life. We teach each other many things and we grow and learn in God together. Longest relationship of my life unless you count Jordan Partee from third grade to sixth grade.

15. I have had the same two best friends since I was three years old. Chandra McBee and Stephanie Stewart.

16. On that note... I try to keep in touch with anyone and everyone that made an impact in my heart. I love friends very much!!! I keep in touch with people I have known since birth.

17. When you know that many people you attend many funerals... and weddings.

18. I have a weird way of coping with things. I smile through pain. At Mom's funeral I waved at people. I was either in total shock, plain insane or just using my coping mechanism. Mom noticed this when Grandaddy passed away when I was eleven as I acted the same way. I cry when no one is watching.

19. I have been in nine weddings. 27 dresses here I come...

20. A psychic told me at the fair in 2000 I would get married in seven years. She lied.

21. I have had weird diseases. I once was covered in what looked like burns and my extremities were swollen; all of this due to the fact my body was allergic to the toxins of the flu virus. I have also had blood poisoning due to the fact I didn't tell my parents I skated into a bush of thorns. I get a version of laryngitis each year. I think it makes my voice sexy.

22. I talk to my Dad every day. Since Mom passed away there have only been five days we have not spoken and that is because he or I were in a place we could not get reception. The conversations may be very short, but it's important to connect with those you love...

23. I love pigs. I don't know why... but, when I was young and Cody's family ate Wilbur I thought he was a pet and I was distraught... Oh, I love me some sausage, but I do love pink piggies as well.

24. I interviewed a lot of celebrities and I learned they are very normal people. Even Will & Jada... Jay Novacek... Lisa Loeb... Joe Nichols... That is why I did reporting... my obsession with E! Entertainment.

25. Here's one for my family. I ate a worm when I was four. Ross told me it was yummy so I washed him and ate him. I will never live it down.


HILER said...

Pallbearers? Really, Julie? You are quite an individual! Love you! ;)

Meegan said...

It cracked me up when you said 'i love pigs'...i don't know why...but that is so funny to me!

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