Friday, January 23, 2009

My Little World

I'm thanking God it's Friday. It seems to be raining on me. Oh... nothing truly bad... but, little things that add up. You know, like I cannot find my favorite jeans and I know they are in a stack somewhere. Where is the other half of my earring? I spent forever cleaning coffee out of the mat in my car. I mopped my floor and my cat decided to fling his cat food on it. Nick put me on a budget plan so I can figure out all of my finances and how to budget. Meaning no new things in February!!! I couldn't find my ID and was about to panic and did so for a few hours only to find it later in my kitchen. Oh, there's more, but I'll leave it at that. And... I'm sick!!! I just love sinuses. The best thing - All of these little things mean nothing in the big picture of life! There are all just that - little obstacles. I still need to dig for my favorite jeans though.

But... happy to say... Dad and Brenda are coming today!!! I'm excited to show them around my little world. We are going to eat with Nick's family. I hope that is a lot of fun. Tonight I am going to dinner with a good friend from high school, Hayley. Not that I can taste anything... but, it will be fun! I love when Dad comes, but I hope I can figure a way to help them both entertain and relax. He's had a long week in Houston so I want him to enjoy it.

I had a dream something serious happened... and it is happening. I cannot elaborate at this time, but I find that very surreal. Sometimes God works in weird ways. I dream a lot of insane things and most of them are just my subconscious fear and such. My stepsister swears her grandmother came to tell her goodbye in her dreams the night she passed away. A friend of mine dreams about other friends and knows they need her. Wow. That must be God.

So many exciting things going on. This sinus thing needs to go away so I can enjoy all of my blessings!!! On another note - I worked out last night with Cohen and she was telling me about this class she is taking... See, Sarah was raised Jewish/Catholic so she needs answers. Well, the beginning of this class spoke on the base of Jesus... who is Jesus? Not... is he the healer of all healers? But... who was he as a man? It was such a good topic as we sat there and analyzed. We always think of Jesus in this big picture of JESUS... but, every day as he walked through the towns... he was a man and people thought he was insane and he was persecuted every day, but still he showed his grace and mercy every single day. I told her the best concrete evidence I can come up with to tell her about Jesus is that so many men died for their beliefs after he was buried and rose again... Those men would not sacrifice their lives for their beliefs if Jesus did not do the things he said... Insane people do not lead the life that Jesus lead either... he was stable in all of his actions and works... It's hard to find that scientific evidence to share, but that is the best you can do from analyzation. It's interesting to me today to just plain think about who Jesus was walking the streets... I like it.

I've had to use a bit of my "Jesus power." I have a friend who for lack of a better word hates another friend of mine. It is a deep hate that involves a deep love and a suicide. Now, I watched my grandmother have hate for all of my life so I understand the way it eats at you and it just isn't worth it. I spoke to her about forgiveness and the pain. She would not back down, but I felt like I flexed those muscles of love as much as I possible could... I will keep giving and giving and one day she may forgive the other and she may accept the fact I do not choose sides. I do feel God is trying to teach me something through this... It's hard to be a good leader and it's hard to find the right things to say and do in such a situation.

I am going to a meeting now. Again... yay for Friday!!!

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Pleasant Drive said...

Wow! Your little brain was full when your wrote that post. It was all over the place :) Good luck with the meeting of the parents. That's always a little stressful, but I'm sure it will go great.