Friday, January 30, 2009


I came upon a verse today that I want to talk about... It's been on my mind, but I can never find it... "For a man's mouth speaks what his heart is full of." Isaiah 6:45... I began to wonder of what my mouth speaks?

I talk a lot. I talk about myself. I talk about work. I talk about life. I love to talk! I guess out of my mouth sometimes there is too much negativity, but along with it I always try to be a realist and find the positive in those things. I don't speak about God enough and I don't speak enough of peace.

I notice I talk about my family a lot. Nick says I am obsessed with family. I really love them. They are so special to me. When you have been through what I have with losing my mother so young I don't take anyone for granted. I yearn to make my stepbrother and sister true siblings. I make myself a sibling to my cousins. My dad and stepmother are very close to me. As well as my grandmother. I don't live right next door to them and that doesn't mean I am ever taking them for granted... It means there must always be space in love. If you hold people too tightly they become quicksand.

I speak about special friends a lot. Friendship is so sacred to the world. God has blessed me with some angels. I speak about Chandra, my very best friend like the world should know her... my world should know her because she is like a sister to me. Sometimes my dad gets confused and tells me to slow down because he just doesn't know this person of whom I speak! I must stop and realize people don't live in my little land. My friends are often on my heart and I do talk about them just because I do love them. It isn't a hard science. I wonder what man would be without friendship?

Maybe I'm like any other woman, but I guess I speak about style, tanning, nails, movies, celebrities... such material things... but, I guess it's okay to throw in some fun to the heart! I notice when I speak about my mother or heart disease I get very passionate. My heart becomes a warrior and I could talk for days. I can talk about loss, ACL injury, Stephanie's wreck, anxiety...all in the same warrior tone because I am passionate and very seriously knowledgeable on the subjects. These things are very close to my heart and have impacted each day of my life.

Listen to your heart. They say it all of the time. I understand sometimes I speak of things that are negative and sometimes I gossip and sometimes I fall. I must remember in these times that I need to let the goodness shine... Others are listening to us. God is listening to me.

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