Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Party Weekend

Two pictures that describe my wonderful weekend.

My Texas Tech women: Erin, Kathryn, Andrea, Anna, Nikki, Jana, Shyloh, Raelyn & Julie M.

My favorite friends dancing. Melissa, Andrea, Kristen

My party Friday was held at BlackFinn. It was so amazing and wonderful. So many different groups of friends together in one place for me. We had such a nice time dancing and catching up and just having a good time.

Nick got me daisies and roses because white roses are my favorite.

Sarah Cohen and I have tried to celebrate each birthday together since 2000!
Lauren - Friends since first grade

Blair - One of my best friends from high school
Missy - Friends since Tech broadcasting - Melissa reports for NBC in Dallas now

My hot date, Nick
Anna, Andrea, Shyloh

Andrea, Anna, Julie, Kristen

Jana - One of my "Bridesmaids" in life

Kacie's wedding was held at the Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine. It was so nice and so wonderful to be with friends. I was the only girl there it seemed that did not cheer with them in college so as they did the fight song I watched in awe that they remembered the steps. Kacie and Brian looked so happy and she was such a trooper dancing like a star in her dress. Those girls sure love to dance!

Mrs. Kacie Rowland Griffith

Tomorrow I turn 27. I don't know how I feel - Part of me wants the day to go away because I just don't want to be 27. Part of me wants to put my arms around it though in happiness that I have such a blessed life. I am so thankful for my family and friends. God has always blessed me in this way. I learn so much each year, but one thing I always try to work on is loving each day and living to the fullest. I never dreamed what life would be like at 27. I thought it would be so different, but I am blessed beyond measure with what I have today in 2009 at age 27. I miss my Mom so very much and it saddens me to remember all of the wonderful ways she celebrated my birthday for me... the small things like sending me flowers, trying to throw me a surprise party, giving me stuffed animals, putting "Happy Birthday" paper plates on my locker... I miss her. So cheers to tomorrow and a toast to many more years of blessings.


The Newmans said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Julie!! Yeah for 27!!! Enjoy every minute of it!! ~Allison

Pleasant Drive said...

Happy Birthday, Julie!

Vandi said...

Happy Birthday Julie

Wenni Donna said...

Birthday Party Weekend looks adorable. All these photos are describing that fun time you all had over there. At one of the local LA event venues we too become the part of a combined wedding shower. It was a Luau themed event which was so adorable to see.