Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Only Child Birthday Syndrome

Only Child Syndrome was in full swing on my 27th birthday. I love when it attacks me like that and I feel so special! In all reality I had a really nice day. Despite having to work I had a delightful time. The day began with my phone ringing at 5:50 AM as Nick's mother, Dianne sang to me. I couldn't go to sleep as then my mind was excited.

The phone didn't stop ringing. I loved that. Texts, e-mails, messages, phone calls... all make the day worthwhile. I have eight best friends who I call my bridesmaids - Stephanie Stewart Harrison, Chandra McBee, Wendy Walker, Sarah Cohen, Tiffany Nolder Williams, Stephanie Brown Tettleton, Jana Seibold and Lauren Fraser. You could probably add a flex to that list with Andrea Mayard, Paige Hundemer and Keele Barnes Bisping as people get bumped up and down the list! (By the way when I really do get married there probably won't really be EIGHT bridesmaids... maybe six, but it's been a running joke since 2000!)... I heard from all of these women which made me feel so very happy. My stepbrother is really my only loved one that "forgot" - but, he's a manly man and I'll forgive him! I truly am blessed with wonderful people in my life. I am so very thankful.

During lunch I went to tan as I guess I just want to look like a Cheetoh. To make myself happy I spoke with Brenda, Chandra and Dad for a while. After work I headed to Nick's parents. We sat with them for about an hour or so just chit chatting. It was very delightful. Then Nick took me to St. Martins. It is a very elegant place - the kind with a few different forks and a menu that you just cannot pronounce. I ordered Caesar salad, Chilean sea bass with spinach cous cous and chocolate pecan cake! I was in Heaven! Before we ate Nick told me, "Thank you for putting up with me." What an awesome gift - sweet words!!!

Since it was a work night we headed to my house maybe to watch a movie. Instead of watching one though we got tangled up in A&E's "Paranormal State." It's one of my favorite shows about ghosts! Then I went to bed by about 11. It was awesome!

Today the whole world is about Obama. I'm not very political and truthfully I am really not that into it. I may sound un-American, but it's just how I feel. I do pray for change within the world for the better and I hope for the future. I am starting my crusade for American Heart Association things for women for next month... it's not about money, but I need to start getting the word out. I am so passionate as I have lost my grandfather, mother and grandmother to this disease. I hate young women to have to face the Hell I have faced in the past eight years without my mother. I wish we could just "fix" this... and yes, it's about being healthy, but my grandfather ran five miles before he fell over and my grandmother was tall and thin all her life so it isn't always about being overweight or stuffed with cholesterol. It's not about raising money to me... but, there are so many crusades for cancer and Aids... I want there to be a stronger one for what ate half of my family's spirit!!!


Thank God for the blessings of this birthday month. The best quote of the day came from my dear cousin, Donna - "I think 27 is a great age. Old enough to know better a lot of things we used to think. Young enough to know what great blessings lie ahead of you. Mainly that you how much we love you and hope this is a special day for you. Be sure to Bless those around you. May God make Himself known to you in a special way on your special day." - WHAT A GREAT WAY TO LIVE LIFE.

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