Monday, January 5, 2009

Kacie's Bachelorette Party

It's back to work. Not quite sure it feels like a real work day as the rain is pelting upon the sidewalk and we are all nestled inside the office. Slowly but surely. I began the day by making coffee in my new coffeepot. I love it! Much better than spending money each day on coffee!!!

We celebrated Kacie's bachelorette party this weekend. There were sixteen gals. We began the night at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas. Andrea worked all day to set everything up with all of the food and martini mixtures. She did such a wonderful job!

Jana, Kacie, Jules

WWW Women - Raelyn, Kathryn, Andrea, Anna, Kacie, Julie

We hung out, ate, drank martinis and played games. There was a mixture of girls there - her old cheerleader friends from Tech, her church friends and her high school friends so that was really neat. I made some new friends, too!

Julie, Kathryn, Kacie - In the limo

Then the limo came to get us and took us to Ghost Bar. Well... okay... we had Kacie's seventeen year old sister with us so despite having a table and everything set up at the Bar... we did not get in due to lack of age! No problem... we didn't want to leave her so we went to Liar's Den.

Old College Pals - Kacie, Shyloh, Andrea, Julie, Jana

It was a lot of fun. We were all dancing and singing despite people staring at us. It was so neat because no one cared. We were having too much fun to care! I let loose and had a good time.

Andrea and I dancing - She loves to dance!

The other Julie, Kathryn and I decided to leave around midnight because dancing until 2 AM is just not in my cards! I know I sound boring, but we had partied since 5 PM so it was time to get home and sleep! The limo came to get us and we enjoyed having it all to ourselves on the ride back! We all had a great time celebrating Kacie!!!

I had a leisurely Sunday and got a lot of rest to hit the work week. I just found out tonight is the Fiesta Bowl so I called Nick and told him I am coming over. I know he hates football right now, but you can't miss such a big game! Since when do I watch so much football?!!


Finding Pam said...

You girls look like you had a wonderful time.

When you can come by my blog. I have a little something for you!

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