Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finding A Church Home

I have a serious thought for this blog, but first let's catch up. I just went shopping for a birthday dress, Kacie's wedding and my real birthday dinner. So I got a BCBG dress for 75% off! You just cannot beat that type of luck. I am going to look pretty good. I just received an invite to Lance's birthday next Saturday. I hope Nick and I can get from the wedding to their house in the same night. It's been a low key weekend with a lot of chilling out and business. Now we are at Nick's parents about to have dinner. 

We went to Prairie Creek Baptist in Plano today. It is becoming quite difficult for me to find a church home. Yesterday I looked up what each church was talking about and chose Prairie because I like 2 Peter. It's so hard to figure it out. Andrea and I can to Watermark a lot, but it's such a production and thousands of people fill the stands. I don't feel a personal connection. Nick and I have gone to two Catholic churches. It is very formal and I feel as if I am in the Bible instead of studying it. It is very foreign" to me. I want to find a place where there is true comfort and I enjoy the pastor. I would also like to get involved with young adults to grow and learn. My church in Tyler was amazing, but I also sometimes wonder if I went more for socialization instead of the teaching? It is such an important part of life to me. I grew up in such a wonderful church and was involved in two other churches besides mine so it is my foundation. I guess only God knows!!!

Oh... and tonight is the Golden Globes! Yes... here we goooooo!!!  

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Di said...

Finding a church home is such a difficult decision, except when it isn't. Pray about it, if you feel you are getting fed somewhere that is where you need to be. You should feel love being there and not so much legalistic... and the love that is often seen before and after service, that socializing time.. remember at Wired how we all hung out after and before... well thats the love. when you find that and feel fed, well there is your decision. So what if it feels like a meet market to a casual observer, love and growth is what matters.