Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Candles A Coming

I am excited and stressed at the same time. Can that be possible?!

Stress encounters the fact of apartment moving and figuring out leasing... but, I am thrilled to be moving to such an awesome place at a good price in Plano! Now... if I could just get it all to come together in a perfect fit... Middle of the month means bills are due. That's always so much fun... I'm thinking since I am never really home... I mean, what's a few hours at home when it's interrupted by an hour of workout and I don't want to hang out on the computer after being on it at work... thinking of not having Internet or DVR at the new place... hmmm???

Excited about my birthday party and Kacie's wedding!!! Birthdays always make me feel special. We have gotten a private area at this place called BlackFinn that is really nice in Addison. It's free ... well, as long as your guests spend a limited amount of money and it's so low it won't be a problem with my people... I sent out 50 evites and I figure ahhhh 20 or 25 will come? That's one thing - I always try to invite different groups and not seclude anyone. I just want everyone to have fun and enjoy one another. I've had some great responses and some of my very favorite people are already coming so I am pumped!!! Turning 27 is so depressing to me, but as long as I am surrounded by love I think I can make it... I hope someone brings me wrinkle cream.

Kacie's wedding is Saturday night at Delaney Vineyards. That is where Chandra is getting married as well. I'm excited because we always have such a good time with that group of folks. Kacie is so sweet and just so much fun. I just love weddings!!!

My real birthday is Monday. I was looking back in my blogs and every year I seem to write about Mom on my birthday... I miss her a lot on my birthday... I have dreamt about her a lot lately. It's so very strange. I guess that will never fade and I'm okay with that fact. If she had lived until today she would probably be very ill because as she aged she had a lot of physical problems. I would have worried so much about her... One time she was laying in pain on the couch just crying out because of a stomach problem and I wanted so badly to switch places with her. I hated it. But... I guess I still want her here. That just won't change. Maybe she can throw me a birthday party in Heaven. I'll tell her I'd like some snow for my birthday. Or... she could just rain on me some big ole dollar bills.

I went to a meeting yesterday with a client and we got on the topic of church. I think God is listening to me because this man and my old friend told me about the same church... Soooo I shall try it out! I'm very excited!!! It was neat to sit there and talk religion with a client. Nick and I have different views on churches so we need to meet somewhere in the middle. I also want to meet other godly young people and learn from them. I have wonderful friends and we are spread out at many different churches, but it's important to be plugged in to people that are always edifying you.

Today is my anniversary at my company. I've done so much in a year professionally for the company. I still miss reporting... I guess I always will, but I suppress the bad parts of it when I know it eats away at your soul. Sometimes I cannot believe how fast a year is… sometimes I cannot believe how slow the time creeps… Crawling up a ladder.

On my last note… I’m perfecting the art of coffee. I’m almost ready to start my own Starbucks.

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