Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Celebrate Me

I often wonder what I can write about because like many others that blog I do not have pictures of my children eating spinach or tales that will change the lives of my readers. I just write to write because I am a writer. And, maybe, I have an interesting life? I've been trying to get out of the rut of basically doing the same thing every day and absorbing each day to the fullest. In the past year I have taken many more invitations and actually gone out to have fun. Last weekend at Kacie's bachelorette party I realized it was "okay" to have fun! I think for so long I felt guilty for enjoying life because I had so much taken away when Mom passed and I thought it was disrespectful to truly live after such heartache... but, now I realize you have to live again and you have to take the journey to your own happiness... So I know I don't always go out and dance and take all my invitations, but I have learned to flex my social and intellectual muscles in so many ways. I like that.

The other night Geoff, Nick and I were flipping the channels from the UT game to whatever else was on... No, Geoff is not my second boyfriend, but he is Nick's roommate so it often feels like I date the entire household! Now, Geoff is a big ole scary dude... He is 6'4 and weighs like 260 or 300... Like a wrestler... and he has tattoos! But, he is a huge teddy bear and he absolutely loves history and Edgar Allen Poe... so we turn on the History Channel and there is a thing about Revelations. I have a hard time with that book because it is so confusing. The whole show was about the end times and disaster. It scared me to the core, but it was also so intriguing. I told the boys I wasn't sure if I believed that part of the Bible... but, it's a part of the Bible so I should... It's just so written in code and confusing to me. It talks about swords coming out of the Lord's mouth and seven heads and creatures covered in eyes. Needless to say we were all in total silence in awe watching this show!

I'm perturbed because I went to the gym last night to find it infested with people. I guess everyone is trying to lose weight as a resolution. I got on two broken machines before I finally found a treadmill. I was so flustered that I left after only fifteen minutes! I swear... the gyms need to make every television work in coordination with my earpieces and my machines should be free!!! It makes me want a cookie!!!

Oh yeah... so my birthday is in two weeks. I'm trying to figure out a plan. Do I want to get all of the groups together for a night out or do I want to just get a small group for dinner and a night out? I go crazy on invites so I need to be careful! I have Kacie's wedding on the 17th which is a Saturday... then my birthday is on a Monday so I am trying to figure out a neat place for Nick to take me. I want my family to come visit probably that next weekend so that leaves Friday! Hmmm... I like Birthday Month!!! It's my entire month to celebrate me!!!

Now... to celebrate me... it's time for lunch.

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Pleasant Drive said...

Happy birthday to you! Love the way you already started scheming up your b-day bash! You need to tell Nick that it's his job to plan a birthday party for you. Men aren't great at that though.